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Here are some of the compliments we have received from satisfied patients. We enjoy hearing from our patients and always strive to provide excellent service and care.


I am very happy with the results of my lasik. Before the lasik everything was blurry and I would have to wear glasses or contacts. Now I can see clearly and wish I would had it sooner.

Jake S.





As a correction officer, my sight is huge with my job, having lasik changed my life. I can see much better and it keeps myself and coworkers safe and there is no worries about my contacts drying out. Dr. Fran changed my life, from being able to roll over and see my alarm clock at night, to being safer at work. I recommend Dr. Fran and lasik to everyone! Thanks Dr. Fran!!


Nick G. 

I had horrible vision before the PRK procedure and now can see everything beautifully. I would do it over again in a heartbeat and have and will continue to recommend it to friends and family. I love my vision and being able to see things I normally couldn't with glasses is amazing.

Erik F.


I had negative 400 and negative 425 vision before the Lasik surgery. My vision is now 20/15. For the first time ever, I can wake up and actually see the alarm clock. This is by far the best money I have ever spent and Dr. Francis and his staff are the best.

Jennifer D.



Unbelievable! I was afraid to go through with the procedure, but was amazed with the results. Thank you Dr. Francis!

Song K.




My Lasik experience was unbelievable. You hear about it, but could never imagine it. It is so fast and simple. I forgot painless, the results are unbelievable.

Dan M.





Great customer service and care. The procedure was extremely fast and personal. Great Job!!!

Jeff T.




The whole experience was amazing. I am disappointed that I waited this long to get it done. If I knew it would be this easy, I would have done it a long time ago. The staff were very professional and very nice people. I am extremely satisfied and encourage everyone I know to call Francis Eye and Laser Center.      

Joe W.



I was so fortunate to have won Lasik surgery and will forever be grateful to Dr. Fran. The entire experience from winning to now. One week post-op and it has been amazing. Dr. Fran is so genuinely kind hearted and professional and has a way of making you feel so comfortable and safe in his care. His knowledge and expertise are top notch and without hesitation, I knew I wanted Lasik surgery. The surgery itself was literally a few minutes and after wearing glasses for 20 years, it is almost indescribable the feeling of seeing 20/20 without corrective lenses. I highly recommend the Francis Eye and Laser Center for your eye care needs and rest assure, you are in good hands from the moment you enter the door.

Kristen T.


My appointments are professional. My surgery went well. I was able to see better the same day. I'm very pleased with the outcome. Quick, pain free, affordable, and I recommend anyone to check into this. It's great to be able to see much better than before. I'm very happy and recommend this practice to anyone and have. I can see!! No more glasses!!

Michelle S.



My visit to the doctor was very enjoyable. I was in and out. I truly know a lot about my eyes.

Ron C. 



Fran is a great doctor. The experience at Francis Eye could of not been better. Keep up the great work.

John C.





Best experience ever, from the start to finish. Dr. Fran and his staff are amazing.

Jessica S. Age:32 

Dr. Migliaccio performed Lasik surgery on me with great results. His examination was very complete and thorough. My vision is now 20-15, better than perfect. He truly changed my life.

Joe V. Age:40

This is great. I can see far and near. It sure beats contacts and glasses by far. No more dry or lost contacts on the motorcycle.

Michael P. Age:47

I can't begin to say how happy I am with my Lasik surgery. I went from contact and glasses (glasses for reading while wearing contacts) to nothing! I have worn corrective lenses since I was in the 5th grade. This was the best thing in my life that I did for me! Thank you!!

Jean G. Age:51

I am very happy with my Lasik surgery. I am ecstatic is more like it. Dr. Migliaccio is excellent.

Kate T. Age:43

Best thing I ever did. 

Gary C. Age:54

Laser eye surgery is quite possibly the best thing that could of happened to me. I went from legally blind to 20/20 after the surgery. Being able to have perfect vision again is such a gift. Dr. Migliaccio is a very talented doctor. Much thanks.                                       

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Robert M. Age:20

This was the greatest adventure of my life! I really thank Dr. Francis and Sandi in helping me achieve this.

Vicki C. Age:47

I love the results of my surgery, I went from being able to see nothing to perfect vision in a day! It was the best thing I have done for me!! 100% satisfied.

Erin W. Age:23

My Lasik experience has been great! I wish I had done this years ago. No longer having to worry about contacts, solutions, or glasses is a relief. I would recommend it!!!

Leanne M. Age:26

When I first came, I was excited to get rid of my glasses and contacts that I have worn for twenty plus years. I felt at ease and my answers were answered honestly. I was nervous the day of the procedure, but Dr. Migliaccio put me at ease. After the quick procedure and the next day, it was amazing how clear I could see. This is the best thing I did and glad I had Lasik done.

Tanya M. Age:34

It's a wonderful experience. It's quick and easy and all you have to do is follow directions. It's worth it and I would rather do this than keep wearing glasses which every month I needed to get them refilled. I would recommend this to anybody, it is like a new you!!!

Denissa C. Age:23

Fantastic! I still can not believe I do not need to wear my glasses! Dr.Mig, you are my hero and I will forever be grateful.

Diana C. Age:38

The procedure was quick and painless and within hours I was watching television with out glasses! It's still a great feeling to be able to wake up each morning, open my eyes and see the clock or or the television across the room. One of the best things I've ever done.

Jane C. Age:47

My experience with Dr. Francis was overall excellent! He made me feel so welcome and comfortable. The procedure was for the most part easy, but I was a little nervous. Dr. Fran reassured me everything would be fine and he was right! I'm still in early recovery, but so far my eye sight has improved a lot.

Nicole W. Age:23

Great experience. Dr. Migliaccio and staff treated me with a lot of respect. I've been telling everyone I know with glasses to get Lasik.

Ron G. Age:21


This is the best vision surgery. I am really pleased with the outcome of my Lasik surgery. Dr. Francis and his staff are great to deal with and friendly. I recommend this office all the time to friends and people I come in contact with who ask me about where I had my eye surgery done. I wish I had got this done years ago.

Kathleen H. Age:33


The entire experience was great. Dr. Francis came highly recommended and I've been recommending him to everyone I talk to about Lasik. The girls at the front desk are pleasant also. I made a great decision coming to Francis Eye and Laser Center to have the surgery.

                    Susan M. Age:50


From the minute I walked in, I felt very comfortable. The staff and doctor were very friendly. I was given all the information about the procedure and what to expect. I showed up for the procedure and everything went smooth, there were no surprises and everything went quickly. I was amazed, to finally after wearing glasses for 37 years, be able to see even better than 20/20. I would and have referred family and friends and will continue to do so. Dr. Fran and his staff are wonderful people and have changed my life.

Michaela T. Age:39 


The office staff is wonderful! Very friendly and knowledgeable. The doctor is very thorough and takes the time to explain how surgery will be performed. I was so nervous the day of, but the doctor was very understanding and set me at ease. The procedure was quick, painless, and I experienced immediate results. Recovery was easier and faster than expected. I have told all my friends and family about the wonderful experience I had.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Emily D. Age:30